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"I cannot thank you both enough for your patience and help in accomplishing this. I got a happy call from my primary contact [at client company] who was thrilled this morning when she called the line and found it was all working fine. Working with your organization is always a very positive experience."

K.B., VP, Employee Shareholder Services

This is my experience in working with Ellen Philip Associates: 20 years of working together; 20 years of client care; 20 years of accurate work; 20 years of meeting deadlines. The result: Excellence. Can there be anything else?"

B.A.S., Relationship Manager

"...We pulled it together - and it was unlikely to happen unless we had competent vendors such as yourself."

P.D., President

"...We really appreciate how you were able to step up to the plate so quickly and add so much value to the process - it was wonderful."

S. M., Client Services

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...Given the circumstances and the tight timeframe involved, your constant professionalism was a key driver in achieving an outcome with which the client is comfortable...