Social Responsibility


           Ellen Philip Associates endeavors to provide a working environment that is fair and equitable; where individual dignity is paramount and where opportunity and reponsibility are distributed without consideration of race or creed. 

           The company, mindful of the growing interdependence of all people, recognizes its obligations as a corporate citizen - a citizen of New York City, first of all; wider citizenship in the United States, and, ultimately, world citizenship.  The company endeavors at all times to institute policies and practices that are consistent with good citizenship at all levels, such as the provision of healthy and safe working conditions; the conservative use of energy, paper and other natural resources, and the avoidance of substances that are known to have an adverse affect on the environment. To the best of its ability the company gives financial support to causes that focus on human growth and seek to redress certain imbalances in society.

Causes We Support



Robert Louis Stevenson School


         If you have a bright but under-achieving youngster whose needs are not being met in a mainstream high-school setting, be sure to look into Stevenson’s unique college preparatory program. Stevenson is THE alternative. It unlocks potential, rescues talent, builds self-respect, restores confidence.


         Stevenson’s an independent, not-for-profit, equal opportunity school on the Upper West Side, serving New York City and neighboring communities. Enrollment is held to about 75 students. The student to faculty ratio is 4:1. Almost all graduates win college acceptances.


         We've made a major commitment of financial support to Stevenson and urge you to consider joining us as a corporate sponsor.  Speak to us about it. There’s no better way to give something back.


Fountain Gallery


            For an evening in June each year a display of about 100 paintings transforms our office as we join with Carl Hagberg of the Shareholder Service Optimizer in chairing what we call an End of Annual Meeting Season Celebration.  The event draws primary support from within the shareholder services community and is for the benefit of Fountain Gallery. It’s an evening of fun, entertainment and networking. Attendees not only help a worthy cause but have the opportunity to invest in fine art for home or business.


         New York City's Fountain Gallery is a not-for-profit cooperative run by and for artists living with mental illness and coping with its stigma.  It provides a nurturing environment for serious artists, rather than art therapy.  It is part of Fountain House, which for 60 years has been dedicated to rehabilitation services for persons battling mental illness.

Film of 2011 Benefit 



Nyarkoa Foundation


            Since it was built in 1972, the medical clinic in the Ghanaian village of Enyan Abaasa has had pipes for running water. Until recently, though, there was no water to flow through the pipes. And the clinic, which includes a maternity ward, had to rely on captured rainwater or water purchased in small quantities.


         The clinic now has running water, thanks to the efforts of the Nyarkoa Foundation, whose mission is to assist in the development of rural Ghana through projects that improve village life. Unsafe water is a major health hazard in Ghana and throughout Africa.  Working through a local representative, the foundation funded an electric pump that lifts well-water to a raised tank, from which it gravitates into the clinic’s piping. 


         To learn more about the program, contact:

Barry Shapiro


Nyarkoa Foundation

333 East 43rd Street #505

New York, NY 10017 

    Phone: (212) 818-9431     







Return on investment,
Robert Louis
Stevenson School.