LoyaltyShares LLC

The Concept:

Bring fresh vigor to your loyalty program by adding a new and exciting item to your list of point-redemption options: shares of your company's publicly traded stock. 

  • Your loyal customers become part of a special shareholder group, and benefit from the tangible stake this gives them in your company's long-term success.
  • Your company benefits not only from a strong new incentive for brand loyalty but from the ability, which is intrinsic to the process, to convert debt into equity.

         LoyaltyShares LLC is a new venture of Ellen Philip Associates, Inc.

Q. Why are we so sure the concept is workable, and is legally compliant?

A. We've done it before. The precedent is part of our track record. 

Speak to us about it. You'll also find more information at www.LoyaltyShares.com.