S&L & Thrift Mutual-to-Stock
Data Processing Services

      EPA's newly developed suite of online tools for S&L's and Thrifts gives you hands-on control of the entire mutual-to-stock conversion process - from tabulating proxies to issuing stock. It's interactive, flexible and more feature-rich than anything available. It provides an innovative and nimble way to get things done - with you in the driver's seat.

      Through  EPA's user-friendly online modules you work in your own processing center, at your own pace. You establish the priorities. Do something, and there's no waiting for results - they're available immediately.  We set up the project for you, load data from the eligibility files and provide, as the process moves forward, whatever you might need in terms of project management, coordination and technical assistance.

      One key module in the S&L/Thrift toolkit is our sophisticated Data Scrubber, for preparing the print file.  Among other things, it enables you to compare data records and make judgments that relate to reporting, householding and account consolidation.

      Another key module in the suite is our comprehensive Stock Order Processor. This enables users to input stock orders, in a tightly  controlled way, and to check and crosscheck through a variety of reporting and listing mechanisms.

      Online proxy tabulation reports form another element in the toolkit, as does an online version of  EPA's popular Browse'n'SearchTM research tool. This is a lookup device that retrieves stored data and puts it at your fingertips in a quick and easy way.

      Contact us if you would like more information, or access to demo sites for these online processing tools.