Credit Union Services 

          Our Inspector of Election and tabulation service for credit unions is founded on many years of experience as an independent proxy tabulator for public corporations. We capture mail votes using time-tested procedures that provide a complete audit trail, and offer, where permitted, telephone and/or Internet voting facilities as an option. We also provide fully integrated online, real-time tabulations and reports.

         Long before the telephone and Internet offered viable alternatives to ballot delivery by mail we established methodical and secure procedures for dealing with paper – very often in large volumes. Every ballot can be accounted for.  

         We capture data in a "classic" data entry system, rather than in spreadsheet software. This enables us not only to enforce uniformity in the data itself but to institute more stringent controls for the process overall.  Every ballot is logged in, batched, assigned a format and examined for completeness and clarity in a separate pre-capture pass. Outstanding issues are resolved before documents reach operators, who then have no issues to slow them down. 

         Our role as tabulator goes beyond counting ballots. A central part of our function is to help establish sound procedures for the entire mailing and voting process - procedures that help ensure that all eligible members get the opportunity to vote, that only eligible members cast votes, that all applicable rules, laws and bylaws are complied with, and that we will be in a position to certify the tabulation in good faith. We work on the assumption that every tabulation WILL face a challenge, and plan accordingly.

Browse'n'Search™ Research Tool.

         Through proprietary Browse'n'Search™ software we produce an electronic listing of members who are eligible to vote, and link to each such member the unique control number we assign for voting purposes. A Browse'n'Search™ CD replaces cumbersome paper listings. Throughout the voting process it gives us an efficient lookup tool for internal control purposes and also a means to quickly validate ballots submitted at special or annual meetings.

         As part of each tabulation setup, regardless of whether electronic voting is being offered to members, we build an Internet facility where we can enter votes in a tightly controlled way. Such facilities also accept feeds of mail votes and are linked to real-time, online tabulation reports. After having used Browse'n'Search™ to validate ballots submitted at meetings we're able to enter votes online and see the results reflected immediately in a real-time tabulation. The final tabulation is usually available before the meeting is adjourned.