Telephone & Internet Proxy Voting

         As a leading provider of facilities for telephone voting and Internet voting we play a behind-the-scenes role in the annual meetings of hundreds of public companies, large and small.  We deliver electronic votes either directly to individual corporations or indirectly through other clients who themselves provide tabulation services, such as transfer agents and proxy solicitors.


         All our Internet voting sites are smart-phone friendly.


         Central to our electronic voting service is the secure, state of the art data-gathering system we’ve developed in a long-standing alliance with Integrated Software Solutions of Malvern, PA. This proprietary system, which we call ProxyVoteNow™, combines Integrated Software’s high-tech, web-oriented expertise with our own accumulated understanding of proxy processing applications, industry requirements and client expectations.


         ProxyVoteNow™ stores both Internet and telephone votes in a single database, provides a complete audit trail, accepts downloads of mail votes, and features an impressive array of client-accessible online, real-time reports and fully integrated tabulations.

      ProxyVoteNow™ is a flexible system that's in a constant state of evolution. Among other things, it deals handily with such requirements as majority voting, cumulative voting, short slates and Notice & Access.