Tabulation & Proxy Services

         Independent proxy tabulation and related proxy services have been at the core of our business for over 40 years. The experience we’ve accumulated in both regular meetings and contests enables us to put an exceptional store of expertise at your disposal.  

Our focus is on registered shareholders and pass-through voting for participants in employee retirement and savings plans. We’re flexible. We go the “extra mile” in responsiveness and service. Access to key personnel is available 24/7. 

        Much of our work is with trustees,
administrators, record-keepers and legal counsel of 401(k), ESPP, ESOP and other employee plans with investments in common stock. Sensitive issues - often  related to ERISA - are given special attention. Preservation of confidentiality is paramount.    

        Frequently we’re called upon to tabulate the plan vote for both sides in a proxy contest. Having a single tabulator, by agreement between the parties, makes possible an immediate computer match of the votes presented on behalf of both sides. An impartial determination of “which card counts” avoids what would otherwise be a tedious and time-consuming manual reconciliation process. (Tell us if you'd like to discuss in more detail.)

 Proxy services include:

Electronic voting facilities.
Integration of Internet, telephone and mail votes.

Online, real-time tabulations and reports.

Cumulative voting, majority voting & short slates.

 Browse'n'Search™ electronic proxy register.

Notice & Access.

Cookie-free web hosting & document enhancement. 

Forms development & typesetting.

Printing, mailing coordination and supervision.