Special Custom Projects  

         Internet and telephone technologies, coupled with expertise in database management, are at the heart of most of the to-order projects we undertake. The facilities we build — to collect, organize, massage and present data — function either on a standalone basis or as part of an interface between multiple processing systems and audiences. Projects could be of either short-term or long-term duration.  For example:


 New-account facility for brokerage concern. Prospective customers fill out online application.  Site also generates leads for sales force.


Centralized data repository for broker dealers, sales reps and account trustees and custodians. Display detailed shareholder positions, tax information and summary statements.


Employee training facility. Build and host site. Load weekly training material. Provide login and page-activity report files.


Electronic survey and result analysis. Generate unique access numbers, send blast e-mails, capture responses, provide analyses on demand.


 Payroll deductions in an emergency.  Quickly built website enabled  employees to respond to a company’s Hurricane Katrina appeal.



couldn't be built
in a day. 

one quick bridge
might very well be
within the realm
of possibility.