We specialize in  state of the art tools for collecting, presenting and distributing data by means of the Internet and telephone. We've supported the shareholder services community in a variety of ways for over 40 years. We've re-invented ourselves over time as new technology has changed the ways in which we can best serve clients. We welcome challenges that oblige us to reach out for new skills and to use old skills in innovative ways.

         We're an independent tabulation agent and a major proxy provider of electronic voting services. We've a key niche role in mergers and acquisitions. We serve as inspectors of election in credit union balloting, and as data processing agent in savings and loan mutual to stock conversions. We're a significant resource for sponsors of employee savings and investment plans - for situations in which confidentiality is an issue and ERISA-related concerns paramount. And we're helpful in a number of situations involving the capture, conversion and migration of data.

         We work closely with transfer agents, proxy solicitors, and trustees, legal counsel and administrators of employee savings and investment plans. A broad spectrum of projects over the years has brought us a deep understanding of shareholder and employee-plan records and record-keeping systems, in addition to events associated with such systems, such as pass-through voting and corporate actions.

         Custom projects are our specialty. We're known for accomplishing tricky tasks with great accuracy and within tight timeframes. Our strong suit is in processes that don't lend themselves readily to standardization, or which call for at least some degree of manual intervention. Clients often turn to us for quick bridges to get around processing obstacles.

         The part we play is frequently anonymous. One client has described us as "a secret weapon." Another calls us the "Swiss Army Knife" of shareholder services. The keystone of our business is client trust. Only trust can explain the roles we've won, and continue to win, in some of the most sensitive and high-profile financial transactions.

         We’re located in New York City and serve clients throughout the United States - industry giants as well as midsize and smaller companies.

If you're tempted
to turn down
a project,
check with us
before you say,

The missing link
in your processing
chain might very
well be something
we can provide.